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Life at the Core


Richard Tabnik Quartet

Richard Tabnik, alto saxophone
Andy Fite, guitar
Roger Mancuso, drums
Calvin Hill, bass

1. Reach
2. Linearity
3. Souliloquy
4. You Know, take 1
5. You Know, take 2
6. Timescapes, take 1
7. Timescapes, take 2
8. Dearest
9. Life at the Core

Recorded Friday, November 13, 1992, at BMG Studios, New York NY


... [a] gem ... With a feathery tone that never quite sounds the way altos are expected to, Tabnik plays delightfully off Fite's spare, stark strums and the irresistible shove of Roger Macuso and Calvin Hill's rhythms ... unequivocally recommended.
— Andy Bartlett, Cadence Magazine