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Cosmic Comedy


Kazzrie Jaxen (Liz Gorrill), piano
Andy Fite, guitar

1. Laughing & Swingin'
2. I'd Give My Soul
3. Another Universe
4. Harmonic Conundrum
5. Rainbow Camouflage
6. Eight Haiku
7. A Dream Of April
8. Blues for the Child
9. Cosmic Comedy

Recorded live in concert


It's a colossal CD ... seriousness and humor, improvisation and quotes in an alloy of rare density and brilliance ... Duo of world class, all categories!
— Bjarne Moelv, Folket, Eskilstuna, Sweden


... nine improvised duets full of rare grace and emotional nuance ... Fite's lithe style serves as a foil of Gorrill's strong, percussive piano ... Each track has it's virtues. Highly recommended.
— David Dupont,  Magazine

An exciting collaboration between pianist Gorrill and guitarist Fite . . . inventive interplay for the sake of new directions.  Gorrill has a real flair for setting irregular phrases and melodic material against rhythmic figures that would swing in any jazz environment.  Fite throws himself into the adventure just as wholeheartedly and shows a sly sense of humor to match Gorrill's.  This music will make you enjoy stretching your musical boundaries.
— Lois Moody, NO NAME JAZZ N.E.W.S.


Incredible music making here . . . breathtaking, hair-raising, unconventional jazz.
John Grabowski, amazon.com