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Michael Levy, piano
Madeline Renard, voice
Charley Krachy, tenor saxophone

1. Preface
2. Dites-Moi
3. Strong Signal
4. The Pursuit of Charleyness
5. Mad's Line
6. Wrapsody
7. Mmm-Ma!
8. My Salmon Croquette
9. Soup
10. Siren Sings
11. Two Lines Forming
12. Lover Man
13. Kakeout Road
14. Honey on the Moon
15. 6 Cents
16. Tri-Ode
17. Simultenacity
18. Somewhere Southwest of Sweden


No question about it, this is the most challenging music on the list. This isn't background music. You can't put it on and walk away from it.
— Bob Snyder, WRST-FM

Quixotic, sometimes mysterious and constantly shifting in mood and focus ... Stimulating music for the adventurous listener.
— Lois Moody, Jazz News