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Fun City


Virg Dzurinko, solo piano

1. Fun City
2. What is this Thing Called Love?
3. Personal Day
4. Dinosaurs Rising
5. These Foolish Things
6. Traffic & Weather Together
7. If I Should Lose You
8. Seven Eight
9. The Nearness Of You
10. Free Transfer
11. Short Melancholy Baby
12. Swimming at Night
13. Autumn Leaves
14. Walk Don’t Walk
15. You Don’t Know What Love Is
16. There Will Never Be Another You
17. Darn That Dream
18. No Sleep
19. Blues For Lennie
20. Quitting Time
21. Another City


Based on the brevity of information available on this disc from its packaging, it's difficult to gain a handle on Dzurinko's background. Fortunately, her style at the piano is far less enigmatic than her origins and usually favors a light lyrical touch and a diplomatic approach to the politics of melody and rhythm. Spreading her lithe fingers over an intimate gathering of standards and originals, Dzurinko sounds very much at home playing in the company of one. Most of the pieces are limited in length but opulent in ideas. Her original compositions [free improvisations] are possessed of a stark and natural beauty. "Dinosaurs Rising" and "Seven Eight" are two such pieces that move across a breadth of emotions within the space of only a few minutes. Other pieces, such as "Traffic & Weather Together," manifest darker moods through taut tone clusters and the careful use of dissonance. Maintaining a high level of rapport with one's instrument while remaining cognizant of an audience for the music can be a burden for any musician in a solo setting. From the music presented here, it's apparent that Dzurinko is more than up to the challenge presented by such sparse surroundings.
— Derek Taylor, Cadence Magazine, July 2000


Dzurinko's piano playing is honest, heartfelt and builds increasingly rich textures.
— Scott Yanow, All Music Guide To Jazz