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Notes from New York
A New Artists Sampler


1. Bird's Word (Connie Crothers–Lenny Popkin Quartet)
2. Time on My Hands (Carol Liebowitz/Andy Fite)
3. Shine the Warrior's Heart (Liz Gorrill)
4. Sweet Fulfillment (Charley Krachy/Boel Dirke/Andy Fite)
5. Lover Man (Bob Casanova/Connie Crothers)
6. Whirlwind (Andy Fite)
7. Intuition Blues (Richard Tabnik/Connie Crothers)
8. Mix Up (Michael Levy)
9. Cry Me a River (Linda Satin/Connie Crothers)
10. There will Never Be Another You (Carol Liebowitz/Bob Field)
11. You Know (Richard Tabnik Quartet)
12. Koo-Koo (Dori Levine/Michael Levy)
13. Blues for Lennie (Virg Dzurinko)
14. 317 East 32nd St. (Liz Gorrill/Charley Krachy)
15. Havin' a Ball (Harry Schulz)


Notes From New York is a sampler of the New Artists' catalog, not so much a "greatest hits" collection, as an overview that features virtually all the talented musicians that have recorded for the label. Each of the performances rewards repeated listening. This independent label's future looks quite bright as it continues to infuse jazz with feeling, creativity, and fresh ideas.
— Scott Yanow, All Music Guide To Jazz