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Jessica Jones Quartet

1. Everything Is
2. Miss Kelly's
3. The Roses
4. Yesterdays
5. My Romance
6. Come Down the Hall
7. What Purpose Is Your Pain

Candace Jones, vocals
Tony Jones, tenor sax
Jessica Jones, piano, tenor sax
Dayna Stephens, bass, tenor sax on "Yesterdays"
Lou Grassi, drums

8. Saratoga Avenue
9. Daddy's Music and Love Talk - Talk/Diagnosis Henry
10. I'm Calling/Loose Pajamas
11. End/Two Psalms
12. So Misunderstanding

Jessica Jones & Tony Jones, tenor sax
Mark Taylor, french horn
Kenny Wollesen, drums
Ken Filiano, bass
Arisa White, Abe Maneri, spoken word
Levi Jones, bass on "Two Psalms"