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A Million Shimmering Fish


Kazzrie Jaxen, piano
Mark Weber, poems

Undulations Water & Clouds (Tracks 1 - 10)
11. Timebounce
12. Catharsis
13. How Deep Is the Ocean
14. Encore

Recorded live October 21, 2010, at the Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque NM



The fusion of two artists and two art forms has produced an unbelievable gift of creativity which will take listeners on a journey to places never before known.  At times it feels like there is an entire orchestra and choir in the room, with several pianists, but this is a live performance and I can assure you this is one poet and one musician playing one piano.
— David A. Newman, November 2013


Released in late 2013, A Million Shimmering Fish comes from a 2010 duo concert with Kazzrie Jaxen and Mark Weber at the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque NM.  The album draws largely from the first set — the 10-part poem sequence, "Undulations Water and Clouds."  For the most part, the format has Mark speaking followed by Kazzrie freely improvising, with exceptions being parts 3 and 5, where Kazzrie improvises as Mark speaks.  At first I was a little disappointed with the lack of concurrent playing, but I was soon drawn into it and the sense of space it gave the album as a whole.  The breaks following the poems had me waiting in anticipation for the surprises Kazzrie had in store (her playing is breathtaking).  The last four pieces come from the concert's second set — one solo piano piece, two pieces that feature Kazzrie's vocals (in addition to piano) along with text from Mark, and a delightfully fun encore.  An engaging duo.  (This CD was also chosen for Adam's 2014 Round-Up list in January 2015.)
— Adam Melville, February 2014


I was thrilled by it all:  the sound, the space, the words, the meaning behind the words, the space between the words, the space between the notes, the meaning behind the notes, the feeling behind the notes, the meaning of the feeling behind the notes — it was such a pleasant surprise — it was shimmering, and it was glistening — and it guided this bassist home safely, peacefully, and I proceeded gracefully, laughing and enjoying.  Beautifully done!  Beautifully played!  Beautifully spoken!
— Don Messina, October 2013


Link to Mark Weber's "Jazz for Mostly" article about the concert and the CD